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I grew up in a small town in South-ish, Central-ish Willamette Valley. Then I moved to another small town and lived there for a long time. While Chase and I lived in Forest Grove I documented the places we went and the drives we took. Part of me always wanted for the WPA to happen again, or to figure out a grant for us to just drive and document.

Now, we get to (or, more properly, Chase gets to and I get to assist and document) be part of Project Dayshoot. July 15th will be the 30th anniversary of “over 90 photographers spen[ding] 24 hours capturing daily life throughout the state of Oregon.” There’s even a book, One Average Day, full of photos taken by photojounalists on a day when I was a couple of months old.

Some fave shots from 'One Average Day' from top left: two club folks at Quality Pie in Portland (Marv Bondarowicz), an aide and a patient at Oregon State Hospital in Pendleton (Robert Pennell), Vera Katz in Salem (Michael Lloyd), an articulated bus and mo

Nobody shot in the town I grew up in (or, more properly, that I grew up just outside), because it was just a little place with a mill. Not that it super matters, those photojournalists did a fabulous job documenting the “people, places and pastimes” of Oregon in the early 80s. It’s a costumer’s dream, because the smaller towns still dress late 1970s on the edges. But here is Project Dayshoot’s statement:

On July 15, 1983, over 90 photographers spent 24 hours capturing daily life throughout the state of Oregon. Project Dayshoot was the name of this venture, and it produced a book entitled One Average Day.

To commemorate the 30th anniversary of Project Dayshoot, the original photographers—plus new contributors—are being organized to capture images throughout Oregon on July 15, 2013. This page, in conjunction with the e-mail address below, is the location for all information related to the project.

Any proceeds from the sale of materials relating to this project will benefit the Oregon Historical Society.

Chase, being a professional photojournalist for the past eight (nearly nine) years, was asked to participate. And, because we already do stuff like this for fun, we have a plan. Other than two scheduled-ish places we’re going to hit, the only goals are the little nowhere towns on the way to and along the coast.

A lot of people, after Chase told Dayshoot where he was going, decided to hit the coast, interestingly enough. It doesn’t matter because we’re not going to stay and make love to the popular places, the biologists, or the noble logger. We’ll be on the move all day (starting at midnight tonight), finding and shooting the things we like to shoot.

And then, when the day is done at midnight on July 15th, we’re on a mini vacation. Not that we’ll stop taking pictures. You can’t break a combined thirty year habit of photographing everything you can.

Fair warning for those following me on social media, I’m cross-linking everything all day tomorrow. So you’ll be able to see what I can upload whenever I get a signal at:


And, if you feel so inclined, document your part of Oregon and hashtag it #dayshoot30. Be part of history and support the Oregon Historical Society! Just remember to note when, what and where you’re shooting.

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So, I saw a sweet little moment at the Medieval Faire in Forest Grove.

Magic balloon

And I was like, “I’m gonna paint that all Norman Rockwell stylez.” Because I miss painting. It was fun. I super love using using my Instagram as a documentation of process.

The whole painting process

But everything is the Loc-Nar, for me, so. The feeling sort of changed.


I do love how this turned out and I decided that since the original is just getting filed away somewhere I might as well make it available to get as a print at Society 6, if you are a creepy fuck who likes to spend money. Or a wonderful person. You could be a wonderful person who likes to spend money too.

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I tend to feel like I don’t make enough or do enough creative work. Compared to the output I used to do, I don’t. I try to remind myself that it’s okay! I work a fulfilling, creative job and sleep more and am pretty much happy. But it bums me out, especially since so many folks I know are constantly pumping out notable, awesome work. So when I sat down with my Flickr archive for this year (because Flickr has been my memory bank for years now), I didn’t expect much. This was the year I stopped doing focus months, I mean, how much could I have done?

Turns out? A decent amount.

Focus month: Branding Ma-Mé. I built and did the branding work for a friend’s site. It was super fun and I got paid for it! I like making other people’s ideas because I just like making stuff more than thinking of what to make.

Non-focus things made:
• I painted a painting that I then slid behind a bookcase, because I couldn’t throw it away, but why keep it?
• A TARDIS piñata for a dear friend. This has been re-Pinned on Pinterest about a million times.
Tardis piñata


Focus month: Airbrush! I have an airbrush and love it, but spent this month really learning it.

Non-focus things made:
Rebuilt arbour in yard.
• Murder-wall anniversary present for Chase.
Anniversary present, murder wall


Focus month: Mending & old work. Cleaned a bunch of stuff, got rid of a bunch of stuff, a really great feeling.

Non-focus things made:
• I did get a wig that is now my web avatar wig. God, I love this fake hair.
• Wrote a short-short.
Finished serialising the first draft of The Audacity Gambit.


Focus month: Chase’s show production, in which I showed you nothing.

Non-focus things made:
• Nothin. But I did start using Instagram.
Found my balloons and pump.


Focus month: Embroidery. Which was fun, but not a lot produced.

Non-focus things made:
• Taught myself eggshell veneer.
First try ay eggshell veneer, not terrible.


Focus Month: Another writing month. Editing The Audacity Gambit and working on the second book!

Non-focus things made:
• Made a sky bison costume for a cat.
• Shot a cover for TAG’s Draft 2 Lulu print.
Shooting The Audacity Gambit draft 2 cover


Focus month: Animatic. Which got extended, due to summer fun.

Non-focus things made:
Swatched my insane nail polish collection.
• Helped manage my workplace’s move to a new place.
• Made Chase a hell of a cake for his birthday.
Chase's petit fours cake, with the colours and pillars he picked out.


Focus month: Animatic, still. Which didn’t end how I expected. I decided to stop doing focus months.

Non-focus things made:
• Research for a friend’s Halloween costume.
• Ridiculous Adventure Time/Breaking Bad drawing.
• Modified a department store ball-jointed doll into a dryad.
Dryad Doll outside


•We bought a car, wtf.
Built rig for San’s cape from Princess Mononoke.
• Wrote lots of TAG book 2
Emily and the hare from book two.


• Got my first hand tattoos
• Made Princess Mononoke costume.
There. Done with San's cape and hood. Ended up going for attatching hood permanently. #fb


• Worked on a thing I hope to show you guys soon.
• Made a ridiculous cake
Surf cake


• Shot photos of cats in both old west and Avedon’s In the American West styles as presents.
Christmas Kitty: Avedon edit Bailey


So, a decent amount of things, I think? And through all of it, trying to keep my nails sick.


Not a bad 2012, let’s hope for more in 2013!

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So, last January I decided to make myself focus on just one area of what I do per month, so I’d stop flailing and bouncing from thing to thing and just get shit did. Overall, I think it worked out well, I had one focus fail and one focus stretch over two months.  But man, life gets busy and I was doing stuff in those those times, just not the focuses.

And really? I moved and wrote a book this year, took a class and made some cool things. I think I rocked it.  Here’s a little rundown:

January: Month of writing. Started The Audacity Gambit and wrote a decent number of short stories, sorted some things out. Probably my most productive month.

February: Month of comics.  Pencilled the pages for a mini comic.  Done while packing to move and doing it finished a long-stagnated project (or getting closer to doing so, I’ve still got to ink the dang thing).

March: Month of sewing (for the home). We moved and I did up our house with little stuff like curtains and kitchen things.

April & May: Month of nails.  This was a total fail.  A lot was happening in my personal life, so I extended the focus through May and then pretty much failed it.  Which is fine. I guess I am human.

June: Month of photography.  Mostly finishing some projects and taking a picture every day that referenced one from my giant Flickr archive. Probably my second most productive month.

July & August: Month of craft room. I cleaned the attic space that I use for my “studio”.  I was taking a class at the time and we were going to shows a lot, so that I got anything done while also having fun is pretty great.

September: Month of optics.  Playing with the various lenses and things that I have, revisiting the goggles and eyepieces I used to do.  Didn’t get as much done as I’d like, but I had fun.

October: Month of illustration.  Making pictures to go with stories I wrote in January.  Though I didn’t get much done this month, I made some things I really liked.

November: Month of changes.  I re-did how I browse the internet after losing Google Reader and prepared the attic space for my sister coming to stay with us for a while.  This is the busy season for me at work, so it was nice to have something that felt like it was getting done.

December: Month of presents. This was fun, though I wish I’d done more for more folks.

Huh.  It felt like I didn’t get much done, but I think I did?  And what I did do was more focused and I felt less guilt over what I wasn’t doing.  I fully plan on continuing this focus month thing. I’m sure that I will make next year even better.

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BAM, ‘nother one done.

This is the title page for Primp, which is set in a semi-Victorian world. So I wanted the illustrations to reflect Victorian paper cut work. Only I am a lazy thing and am not going to actually cut that paper.  But! The image is created in a way that it could be a whole piece of paper, without loose bits.

I drew half of the dressing table and used the lightbox to mirror it, filled in most of the blacks by hand then my big pen started to die so I filled in the larger spaces after I scanned the image and cleaned it up in Photoshop.

Primp title page 1

I like how this turned out. I enjoy pretending that I am different people illustrating different stories for a magazine.

The interior illustration for this story I want to do maybe as split half pages, which I haven’t seen much.

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Woo, still going! All images link to Flickr where there are more shots and info.

This one was the title page illustration for Morningstar, if it were part of an old sf mag or a short story compilation.

I looked up a lot of pictures of hanging meats, making my search history even creepier than it normally is.  I made the basic sketch on some cheap-ass typing paper because that is how I roll.

Morningstar title page 2

And then the paint went on in the dry brush way that I am growing to love. I’m going to make myself use different approaches for each story’s set of illustrations, so I’ll have to revisit this technique later.

Morningstar title page 1

Morningstar title page 3

Morningstar title page 4

Then scan, clean up in Photoshop and pasting text in so we can play pretend like it’s a book.

Pretty dang happy with it.

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HA. Oh man, I cannot believe I finished an illustration already.  I do plan on scanning some of the stuff I’m using as reference/illustration, but you’ll just have to enjoy some process pictures and finished image until then.  All images link to Flickr where there are more shots and info.

Splash page for end of Morningstar.

First Chase helped me get a reference shot. I kind of hate using myself for reference shots because my frame is weirdly proportioned and I always have to draw on more weight. But my easy-to-see-skeleton was nice for this reference in this case.  I did a rough sketch over the digital image in Photoshop, with a little bit of shading and printed it out.  Then I used a lightbox to do the basic pencils and I dug in with some black acrylic paint.

Morningstar splash page wip1

Kept painting. Started cleaning up with white. Various pen happened too. Sharpie, felt tip, micron.

Morningstar splash page wip2

With the figure done, it’s time for the background.  Since I don’t trust myself I did it on a separate sheet, placed over the figure, on the lightbox.
Morningstar splash page wip4b

Looks okay so they both get scanned, cleaned up and composited. It didn’t take long.

I like it. Yay me. I especially like my tasteful way of hiding the bits between the legs. I am classy, is what.

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This and the writing focus month have totally been the surprise easy months. I did not expect to be able to finish all my projects! And I totally took a picture every day (except for one).

The only not-quite done thing is that although I’ve made one of these books and have the stuff ready to make the rest, I haven’t made all of these little pink and pearlescent books.

Nacar: pieces

Which is okay! Because I finally figured out how I was putting them together.

Nacar: cover

Nacar: interior

Yay for a productive focus month! I needed that after the last one. Now next month will hopefully go as well!

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28, 29, 30

For this focus month one of my projects is to take a shot each day based on an image from my Flickr that was taken or uploaded the same day within the past five or so years, if there is one.

If you click through to Flickr, the new images are there with more info.

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Okay, new month, new focus. You may know that my partner is a photojournalist (and has been the photo department of the weekly he works at for almost six and half years), but you might not know that I very nearly went to school to do the same thing. I was super active in the newspaper in high school, we had a 12-16 page weekly (with spot colour!) and I was one of the two photographers. I job shadowed with the Oregonian, who dropped me like a hot stone when I went to college and told them that the journalism program at that school was crap and I’d probably be doing a fine art photography emphasis instead.

It’s okay though! Because old-school journalism is a depressing, dying thing that doesn’t know how to adapt and I’m happy with the choices I made. But, point being, I’ve been shooting since I was fourteen (that’s almost a decade and a half now). I used to spend hours in the darkroom during my vague independent courses, laying the base for the weird love of doing post-processing that I have today. The technical bits of photography aren’t my bag, that’s Chase’s thing. But I’ve almost always taken pictures. I love documenting (having a spectacularly horrible memory encourages that), I love the worlds that are created in within the bounds of an image, and since I’m a whore for process, I love the process of shooting and editing. I like to make things and then see them twice removed in an image. I like going to a bunch of trouble to take a shot as much as I do seeing something hilarious and shooting it quickly.

A shot with lots of annoying setup and one that I snapped on a whim

In 2004 an acquaintance gifted me with a membership to this new thing called Flickr. I jumped aboard and, as is my process, threw everything up online as I learned and made and fucked around. Sometimes things would get crazy popular, like the monoggle, or that papermaking tutorial. There’ve been well over a million views to my silly little Flickr shots in total, and the stuff I’ve tossed up there is the primary reason people know who I am, or introduce me as someone who “makes things.”


Book Fractal: Complete

The current “most interesting” (ie: not necessarily most viewed) image in my Flickr stream, which has been viewed 5,962 times


But 50% of making something for me, of anything I make or have made, is so I can take a picture of it when I’m done. And I’ve taken a lot of pictures since 2004, as this Pummelvision thing attests.

My Pummelvision from B. Zedan on Vimeo.

So this month’s focus is photography. I have three projects that need to be finished (they’re all in different stages of doneness) and a nice daily goal. I’ve gone through my Flickr archives for June, from 2005 to 2010 and pulled a picture from each day into ten sets of three. Every day I’m going to snap a shot that references or relates to the archive photo. As each set of three is done I’ll post it here.

Photography has always been a way for me to stand outside and take things in, to process and actually see. I need that right now, so here we go.

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