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We had a very TV Christmas, with food and presents and hangouts and a full day of happiness, starting off with Chase dressed up in full Santa kit, making our friend’s day.

The reveal

I gave out the last of the handmade gifts, more of the patchwork animals and a mini sculpt of the protagonist of a friend’s book.

Fo's shark

Anne's corgi

Bust of Zoe

I’ve got a bunch of the CD covers folded and will be mailing them out (with CDs) by the end of the week. I’m pretty happy with this year’s cover. And the mix, of course, but since not everybody has theirs, I’ll keep that back for now.

I’ll have a little round up of how this year of focus months went soon. I think it went well.

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All the lovelies that I mail things to, I am sad to say, are not getting crafty presents this year.  It turns out that when you don’t spend 4 hours commuting via public transit, you kind of end up with less dedicated crafting time. I am super sad about this, by the way.

I ended up only crafting a couple of things, which (as I said at the beginning) I expected to give out less this year.  Mostly because the bulk of my present crafting time was taken up by something I’ll show you after the holiday and this beauty:

RuPaul fashion doll, closeup 2

Gorgeous, right? As is Ru. (And, as always, images link to Flickr, so click through for more views)

This was for my lovely friend Laurel, who has watched RuPaul’s Drag Race with me for years now.

I took a Barbie Fashionistas doll, removed the hair, re-rooted some strawberry blonde to mimic Ru’s most common colour, removed the face decals and repainted it, then added hella false lashes.

There’s a dress too, but I couldn’t find good shoes, so Ru is currently barefoot. This will be remedied soon.

Gelsey’s present was a little thing that you put notebooks in, so you always have something sturdy to write against.  It has horses because she likes horses.

Gelsey's notebook

Rachel and Cam got patchwork animals, which probably most people will end up with over the next year, because these were hella fun to make.

Rachel's fox

Cam's cuttlefish

Whatever the hell Chase got me is wrapped amazingly. We don’t get fancy things much, so holidays and special occasions are when we do that. And it’s nice to get people things. I am excited for what I got him, but now I am kind of super curious about what he got me.

How Chase wrapped my present

He probably, as someone said at work “understands that [I] want to be a Bruce Willis princess.”

After I’ve mailed out our hella boss holiday CD I’ll share the cover and playlist. It’s pretty great, guys.

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So, my little spreadsheet of gifts is getting ticked and the tree at our friends’ place has several gifts under it.  My kid sister is enjoying her hand-me-down XBox and Chase already got his nutmeg grater and SPICES OF THE ORIENT.  And the handmade presents continue to go. Slowly.


I am actually kind of pissed that I didn’t think of this gift theme earlier.  Next year? You are all probably getting something like this. (“You” here being “people on my gift list”).  I am super happy how the above two things turned out.

What else? I’ve finished a commission for a friend to give as a present, gave a 1970s Capricorn keychain to a friend who is SUCH a Cap and gave the lady who is my tattooist and friend a gorgeous book of Art Nouveau clip art.  Because she is crazy into arabesques.  Someone I couldn’t think of something for (but who totally deserves something) I just today had an inspiration about.  Gelsey, the present I got done first, got hers early due to the sads, but I’m saving the snaps of what she got until the big image dump later this month/next.

And Chase just picked up the covers for our holiday CDs.  Which I am going to fold until I am sick of, then work on the best crafted present ever until I am sick of it (in a very repetitive stage, right now), then fold some more.  I should be able to get the ones for work done in time for when I last see folks before the holiday and the rest should get mailed out in time for King’s Day.

There are some of you that I love dearly that aren’t getting a physical thing besides the CD this year, but I plan on making up for that next. Or some time when my personal life is a little less hectic.

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HA.  I love people who tell me what they want in October and then forget about it. I had to get a store bought thing to go with the hand-made aspect of this one, and also wrapping paper, so this technically has been done a bit, but is 100% finished now.

And I’ve figured out how to show that I’m hitting goals.

Gelsey's gift, wrapped

My present spreadsheet is filled out and ready to be obliterated. MAN, I love making stuff and then not having it hanging around my house after.

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Now, we don’t really celebrate Christmas.  There’s a lot of reasons for that that don’t matter—and the way we tend to do it is more often than not on the Orthodox calendar—but we do give folks presents this time of year because I am utterly terrible at remembering birthdays.

I’ve also moved to being someone who gets you something only if I can think of a thing, because we’re all grownups here and we all have a lot of junky shit we don’t need, so I’m not going to add to that out of social obligation.  What presents I do get people vary from totally made to purchased, depending.

But! We do a limited edition mix CD for folks as a sort of card/present.  Some years a person gets just the CD, some years they get a thing too.  I’m really proud of the CDs we make, Chase is a genius at creating a listenable playlist within a tight theme and I love doing the covers for them and folding all the little envelopes.

The first year we did this we made a short album of Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem—an album that for some reason the Henson folks never have put out.  The easily available stuff was on there and we pulled a lot from good Muppet Show videos.  The cover was based off of the Wu-Tang Forever album art.

Last year the theme was bands singing songs about themselves. It varied from Wu-Tang to Prince to a bunch of killer metal.  The album art was based off of a Caravaggio painting of Narcissus.

We’ve made a rule not to tell folks the theme straight off, to see if they can guess it.  This year I am super in love with the theme even more and I cannot wait to start the cover design.

So, you’re not going to get updates on the focus month, since I do like presents to be a surprise.  At the end of the month, though, there will be a dump of images (hopefully!).  This is another easy month, since I’ve got crazy work times and am trying to finish The Audacity Gambit (which! Foley did the sweetest fan art for!!)

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